A long time ago, people didn’t usually care about the way they look except for those tribes who are following their traditional customs. Making themselves more attractive and clean is not important but what matters most is how they will survive in their everyday life. Most of our ancestors don’t cut their hair nor remove it because they are busy for something rather than themselves. Nowadays, we get conscious every time we get outcast hair around may parts of the body. And to solve it, we are looking for the best ways on how to remove it. It may be in the form of looking around into internet, books, magazines or even in online shopping and buy what is best.

Another method of hair removal is bleaching. Well technically, it is not a method, but it is a way to cover the appearance of the hair to the skin. And to prove it a certain amount of cream bleach is applied into the skin so that the hair will not be visible any longer than you expected. As it is just a cream, it is easy to apply and use for you. So this technique is long lasting and painless because there is no pulling of hair so you can enjoy it. Besides the color will be lighter and hide the strands that you want to take out. You will appreciate it and will satisfy you while performing it.

It is so much more affordable and cheap to buy in different stores like pharmaceuticals. This process is ideal for the person who doesn’t want to get hurt of pulling hairs. There is still a disadvantage of using it as a tendency of having irritation of the skin due to the nature of the product that it produces some chemicals. So if you have sensitive skin, you will somehow experience slight redness on the surface. Of course, it can’t be used for those who have inflamed skin or breakout as it may lead to worsening.

The body or facial parts that best suit for this method are the face and neck where the hair is more delicate and lighter in appearance. And to use it, put the cream and powder in your desired area using a spatula or anything that can help you to spread it. After that, remove it using a cotton pad and then splash an exact amount of cold water to take off the residue. Lastly, you will see that the hair will be no longer visible and had changed its color. It lasts for about almost two weeks in a pain-free and excellent way.

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