One of the types or methods of removing undesired hairs is the Epilating. It is the best and common practice before unlike today’s most advanced hair removal process. The epilator is a device that is used to remove hair by mechanically gripping multiple strands simultaneously and to pull them out. How epilators pull out hair is comparable to waxing, although unlike waxing, they do not remove cells from the epithelium of the epidermis. So basically, an increased number of hairs will be taken off if you use this kind of tool. So if you are looking for something which different, an epilator might be the hair removal technique you’ve been seeking.

To use the device, begin it by positioning a 90-degree angle to your skin. Hold it loosely against your skin and move forward to the direction of the hairs to eliminate them. Another great tip for using the epilator is that you can better use it at night time and be patient while using it. Some people experience irritation, so the best way to solve it is to put moisturizer on your skin after using it. Of course, don’t forget to clean it each use to reduce any skin infection. Always be careful while utilizing it and in addition to that, you’ll probably achieve clear and smooth skin.

One of the benefits that you can get from this kind of method is that it last longer rather than other removal methods like shaving, depilatory creams, or tweezing. It is worth it to buy the device because it leaves a longer result. However, there are some risks that your skin roots might get infected due to shorter and broken hair. Furthermore, this scenario will only happen for those people who have allergic regressions to their bodies and skin.

Here some of the different types of epilator that can be useful for you:

1. Spring Type

A quick trivia, the first spring type epilator was released In 1986 on an Israeli Company. It has metal coils that rotate and move around the desired part to squeeze the coils together and then apart so they can grab hairs. One thing that is not good for this type is that it is needed to be replaced often.

2. Rotating disc type

It succeeded the late springs’ low durability. The disc lasted longer and stronger, it works like the spring type, but it is painless to use.

3. Tweezer Type

As the name suggests, they work like tweezers. These epilators have a head with multiple metal plates causing the hair to be removed easily.

Today, more people are sticking to use electric epilators rather than manual. It is more convenient to although it is more expensive to use. What most important is to check is the brand’s capability and durability before using it.

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