It seems to be annoying every time that we have unwanted hair growth from the different parts of our body. To help things make right, we are looking for alternatives and processes to take them off. And waxing is one of the conventional ways of people as a method of removing strands. At-home waxing is very affordable and accessible process; however, it is still important to be precautious. Keep on a mind to never wax on sunburned or sensitive skin to avoid any inflammations or worst skin infections. It is better to consult for a Brazilian wax professional since the skin is delicate at least they have enough knowledge on how to handle it.

Waxing is a type of hair removal process is hair removal from the root. Fact, new hair will not grow back in the earlier waxed area for four to six weeks; however, some people who undergo in this process see some growth in the parts wherein it was has been removed. It has become a standard service offered to salons and spas. Common components of the body that undergo in this type of method are eyebrow, upper lip, armpit or, well, someplace more intimate, many people choose to wax for longer-lasting hair removal. It is perfect to use to face.

To wax from home here are the necessary steps:

1.Ensure optimal hair length

2. Avoid retinoid creams before waxing

3.Reduce discomfort

4.Wash and dry the area

5.Apply the wax

6.Apply the cloth strip

7. Remove the cloth strip

8.Soothe your skin

There are several separate types of waxing method; Soft waxing, Pre-made strips, Hard waxing.

Soft waxing is also known as strip waxing because you need a strip to hair from the body. , and it varies depending on brand and quality. They include different ingredients like tea tree, cherry, lavender, and chocolate among others which is somewhat more attractive to the nose due to its smell. Heated ( most commonly soften by a microwave warmer) and cold soft wax (taken directly from the port and applied to the skin) are under the sub-categories of soft waxing.

Premade strips already have the wax attached into it. The wax is solely placed on the skin and moved into the direction of the hair. You can do it by just rubbing both of your palms as it sticks well to the hair.

The hard waxing is often used at room temperature or cold, and this is strip less and one of the common used for hair waxing. Utilizing in smaller and sensitive areas is ideal.

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